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P.J. Gordon

P.J. Gordon lives in Colorado with her husband and two children. By day, she is a graphic designer. In her free time she enjoys reading, camping (though she has long since given up any semblance of “roughing it”), and climbing Fourteeners. Okay, that last part about climbing mountains is a bald-faced lie. To say she knows someone who climbs Fourteeners would be more accurate. “Climbs mountains” sounds more impressive than “owns a beagle” though.

Ms. Gordon’s debut urban-fantasy novel, Mythe: A Fairy Tale was the first in the Mythic Rain series. The follow-up, Encantado: A Myth, is the latest installment in this fantasy romance of author's beagle

So, let’s recap. Ms. Gordon is a graphic designer, lives in Colorado, reads, camps, and has a beagle. She does not climb mountains of any sort but the beagle is really cute.


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Holly Gordon is an author and illustrator and pop culture aficionado living in Colorado. She is the owner of one very fat cat. Said cat thinks the above mentioned beagle is a pest and an idiot.