Mythe: A Fairy Tale

Book One of the Mythic Rain Series
by P.J. Gordon
(Available in paperback and for Kindle)

When wunderkind graphic designer Amanda Jensen is asked to work with brothers Richard and Joshua Raines, she’s both thrilled and nervous. After all, the two men are like a pair of Prince Charmings ripped from the pages of a fairy tale—rich, famous, and handsome—while she has always been the terminally uncool overachiever. But her new clients are much more than the two-dimensional sex-symbols that most people see, and Manda’s real-life fairy tale veers sharply into the surreal when she discovers that her new clients are also much more than human.

Manda never expected to find herself tangled in their life of secrecy, lived under the constant glare of the media spotlight. She certainly never expected to fall in love with one of the brothers, or suspected that Happily Ever After would be so hard to come by. She also never suspected that she would lose her life, but Manda had forgotten one fundamental truth: Fairy tales always have a dark side.